We have a lot of stories in our vault so far, but we need your help!

What we’re going to do?

  • All YMCA staff encouraged to identify Y story’s that have moved them!
  • We’re going to interview as many folks as possible and keep these stories living online and in print!
  • Create a Yearbook, “165 Years of Community Building” to present at our Peace Week Breakfast Event on November 22nd.

Where will we do this?

  • We’ll come to you!
  • Scheduling a series of interviews, taken at each of our facilities, program sites, or even outside.
  • Another option is to simply send in your story with a photo of yourself, or the storyteller attached. *Make sure the photo is a high-quality image please, and the photo has been released with permission*

When will we do this?

  • We’ve been collecting stories from participants far and wide over the past few months. Now, it’s time to make visits to each facility and ensure we’re connecting with EVERYONE! It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss!
  • Deadline for collection November 1st 

How we will achieve this?

  • Rewards for Sharing – each person to find a story, or share their story will receive a Thank You, and a Y Swag item! We will thank each and every one of you at our Peace Breakfast event on November 22nd.
  • *If you’re unable to make the event, don’t sweat, we’ll mail you your Thank You for participating in this essential and historical publication that will live in our facilities for years to come.

For all additional information and interview scheduling inquiries please contact:

Kailee Hominick, Communications Manager
[email protected]
T:902.423.9709 ext. 234 M:902.877.3150