There have been some exciting changes at the YMCA’s Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre!

The facility, located in Purdy’s Wharf Tower II, is doubling the capacity of its infant care program from eight slots to 16 to accommodate an increased demand for the popular service.

“We have decided to expand on the infant program just because of the amount of phone calls I have been receiving over the past six months or so, which pointed to a significant demand for infant childcare,” says Judy Hebert, Director of the YMCA Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre “Previously our program had eight infant spots, and there was always a waiting list. Going forward, I realized that it would enhance our ability to provide top-notch client service and childcare if we increased the number of infants we could accommodate at the Centre.”

“The Centre is also operating a part-time child care program for Preschool children aged 3-5, who have the option of attending Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday,” says Judy. She has received positive feedback from the parents who are excited about the expansion, as well as the new parameters for Toddler and Preschool clients because it increases consistency for everyone involved.

“Everyone seems to be reacting well to the fact that parents and staff will know what numbers to expect and how the days are going to shape up in advance,” she says.

An added bonus of the expansion in the infant care program is Judy’s hope that clients who begin child care with the YMCA will have the option to keep their child with the Centre up to Preschool.

“I’m excited because it increases our service delivery, consistency and stability for everyone concerned,” she says. “It was a challenge, but I believe it will prove to have been well worth the effort.”

For more information on the YMCA’s Child Care program, please call (902) 492-3622 or e-mail [email protected].