David Wallbridge is eager to talk about the new John W. Lindsay YMCA and he has a passion to share.

The Halifax resident, who is a donor and volunteer with the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth’s Community Campaign to raise awareness and funds for the construction of the John W. Lindsay YMCA on South Park Street, learned the value of the organization while forming irreplaceable memories with his son.

David jokes about his Y story, admitting it may be different than most volunteers because he didn’t join the Y until November 2012. But he and his partner quickly came to appreciate the ease of access and the variety of programming the facility offered. When David began swimming lessons with his infant son in April 2013 at the former Y, his passion for the Y took hold.

“My son was really enjoying the pool and having fun and flourishing,” he said. “It was our thing to do together, and I formed a quick and personal attachment to the Y. I used to see big bulletin boards adverting programming and I would think, ‘Maybe someday my son with go to Big Cove YMCA Camp.’ I was beginning to imagine how my family would grow up at the Y.”

David said that when he learned the facility was going to be replaced with a world-class, multi-level fitness centre that would also serve as a Centre of Community, he quickly decided contribute to the campaign and volunteered to serve on the organization’s Community Campaign Committee to share his new-found but infectious enthusiasm for the project.

“I’m looking forward to the community phase of the Capital Campaign, “ David explained. “When I have conversations about the project with my friends and co-workers they are amazed and excited that the Y is making such an investment in the city. Taking these conversations about the importance of the Y and its contribution to life in Halifax to a broader level is important in widening the knowledge base about what the new facility will be, and how much it will offer in terms of athletic space, fitness and community programming. There is a real need for it in Halifax and I’m looking forward to our committee broadening the conversation with individuals and business owners in and around South Park Street to build interest and let people know how they can get involved.

“Then it will take on its own natural evolution,” he added. “As the building rises out of the ground and grows in front of people’s eyes, we are hoping awareness an excitement will build exponentially.”