We are the YMCA

The YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth is a dynamic charity that connects more than 50,000 people daily. Since 1853, the YMCA has been promoting positive values that build individuals' spirit, mind, and body. We provide programs to help those living in our communities and continually work to create stronger, and healthier communities.

For 168 years we've cared for kids, shaped leaders for tomorrow, helped generations of people come together for support, and provide experiences that last a lifetime.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all, in a welcoming space that is both nurturing and fun - a community of shared responsibilities, where children and families can thrive.

We envision strong and caring communities that result in:

  • Strong and connected families
  • Healthy seniors with strong social circles that volunteer, and stay involved
  • Resilient and healthy children who thrive and lead healthy, long lives
  • Confident and skilled young leaders
  • Motivated adults that take charge of their health, get active, and become role models and mentors
  • Immigrants who engage and participate in their community
  • Teens who feel confident and a strong sense of belonging

Strategic Plan 2021-2023 Power of Belonging at the YMCA

By living our purpose, mission, vision, and values, we will create communities where people have a sense of belonging. We will focus on empowering youth, championing equity, diversity, inclusion, and health and wellbeing.