Our Strategic Plan 2021-2023

The YMCA in Halifax has been creating places and spaces for belonging for over 167 years.

This past year has been incredibly challenging for our community, for our YMCA and for all those who participate in our programs and services. As a charitable organization that has great pride in bringing people together, we were asked to close our doors and to stay apart.

Although counterintuitive to everything we do, it was necessary.

During this interlude, the YMCA embarked on a mission to re-imagine our YMCA and work on the 2021-2023 Strategic Plan began. A series of stakeholder engagement sessions were held throughout early 2021.

We asked our community:

  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the YMCA? 
  • What should the YMCA look like?  
  • How do we get there? And what would be our greatest challenges? 

The insights gained through the engagement sessions was invaluable. We heard three common themes throughout our discussion:

  1. The YMCA must be a champion for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.
  2. The YMCA must build on our value to society as an enduring institution where people enrich and renew their Health and Wellbeing.
  3. The YMCA must continue to help Empower Youth to succeed through belonging, connection and programming that stimulates the spirit, mind and body.

Our Strategic Plan “Power of Belonging at the YMCA” is presented below. I invite you to click here to learn more about our plan and support us with this journey.

I look forward to Building Healthy Communities with you and together we will create communities where people have a sense of belonging and are healthier because of it.


Brian Posavad
President & CEO

Please click here to view full the 2021 Strategic Plan