Community YMCA Meal Program for youth of all ages

Meal programs play a vital role in ensuring that youth are taken care of each school day. There is a lack of healthy food options for our community youth and many of our youth are facing issues of poverty and lack of affordable food. With Community Y-EAT program we will support our youth by building a healthy community through the power of belonging. 


Supporting 25 youth once a week to start, in hopes to grow this program up to 50 youth.


Benefiting the North End of Halifax which is home to a population of African Nova Scotian families and Newcomer families.


Many of these participants are coming from homes where there are some socio-economic challenges and they often have expressed to staff, that there is not enough to eat at home.

Y-EAT Etiquette

The Community YMCA is striving to provide healthy home cooked meals in a “family-like environment” to our community children and youth. These will be cooked and provided in a home-like atmosphere, sitting down together to share a meal. Participants will be encouraged to help with the preparations of the meals, serving and clean-up duties. Etiquette 101 will be taught to our children and youth.

Y-EAT Opportunity

The Y-EATs program will provide 1 home cooked meal per week for the month of February, 2x per week in March, 3x per week in April and 4x per week in May. The weekly frequency of this program will increase based on needs and demand. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their skills around cooking should they be inclined. We are striving to provide a meal to our afterschool participants. Following COVID-19 protocols, we are planning to have two sittings of 10 each for the first month of the program.

COVID Operational Procedures

The YMCA is committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all. The safety of our members, participants, staff and volunteers is of the utmost importance, and therefore we will take the appropriate measures to ensure that we are abiding by Public Health regulations. Please read our COVID-19 Policy and Practices