The YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth is a charitable, voluntary and community-based organization that has been making a positive impact on the lives of people of all ages, abilities, social and economic backgrounds for over 165 years. The YMCA Board of Directors is a volunteer group of committed community leaders who are interested in making a contribution to guide the organization in achieving its mission, vision and strategic goals.

Purpose:    Building healthy communities, through a sense of belonging.

Values:           Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Inclusion

Board Details & Responsibilities:

  • Stewards of the YMCA, general control and management of policy and affairs of the YMCA is vested in a Board of Directors.
  • Directors shall be eligible for two, three-year terms; however, Directors who are elected as Chair may have their term extended to fulfill the obligations of this role and that of the immediate Past Chair.
  • Attendance at Board meetings and committee meetings is required.

The YMCA is committed to the recruitment of a Board of Directors that is reflective of the diversity of the constituents that are served by the Association including consideration of gender, race, culture, skill, networks, and societal perspectives.

The YMCA is seeking expressions of interest from community leaders to further explore involvement with the YMCA Board of Directors with a focus on one or more of the following competencies/attributes (in no specific order):

  • Resource Development – someone with experience leading fund development at the board level and/or understanding of the philanthropic community in Halifax
  • Strong understanding and experience working with or in the Healthcare system
  • Youth member – under 30 with leadership experience or aptitude and some of the other skills/experience/diversity listed here
  • Newcomer experience in Halifax/Nova Scotia – could be someone who works and/or volunteers in an immigration space and/or someone who is a recent newcomer and/or someone who was a newcomer 10 plus years ago and has stayed in Nova Scotia
  • Experience leading transformation, new program development, concept, ideas and brings expertise in thriving through significant change
  • Entrepreneur
  • African Nova Scotian
  • Experience in the post-secondary education field could be a current leader within a post-secondary institution, someone who is retired, or senior volunteer experience in this sector
  • Strong financial acumen – could be someone with a CPA designation and/or a Senior Business Leader, audit experience would be beneficial
  • adds diversity to our current Board composition (gender, race, culture, skill, networks and societal perspectives)

Please submit your application to Lorrie Turnbull, [email protected]