COVID-19 Vaccines – What You Need to Know 
  • The vaccine can protect people from getting COVID-19. It also protects people from getting very sick from COVID-19.
  • Nova Scotia uses vaccines made by
    • Pfizer-BioNTech
    • Moderna
  • Health Canada has approved these vaccines to be used in Canada.
  • When you get the vaccine, you protect yourself. You may also protect the people you care about and the people in your community.
  • After you get the vaccine, you still need to follow public health advice. You still need to wear a mask and stay 2 metres away from people. You should wash your hands often. Stay home and away from others if you feel sick. Get tested regularly
When it is your turn, you can make an appointment online or by phone:
  • – 1-833-797-7772 (toll-free) – you can ask for an interpreter when you call this number
  • If you do not have a Nova Scotia Health Card, you must book your appointment by phone
For more information about the vaccine, visit

COVID-19 Vaccine – What You Need to Know