What a view! Just imagine going for a swim in the new Aquatic Centre and looking straight out to the Citadel.
This was the construction site on July 18, 2016.

Excavation at the construction site has begun while the detailed design planning for the new John W. Lindsay YMCA nears completion.

Activity at the construction site has been steadily accelerating since early spring. With demolition of the CBC building completed in mid-June, our developers, Southwest Properties, are now excavating ‘the big hole’ where the old CBC and YMCA buildings used to sit.  Excavation will be followed by the construction of three levels of underground parking that will service the two towers planned for the site, including the John W. Lindsay YMCA. Expect to start seeing concrete poured this fall!

As the diggers and dozers work steadily to advance excavation, the YMCA has been working closely with Southwest Properties on the detailed design planning for inside the new YMCA facility.

This detailed design process has focused on the granular design elements inside the building. Planning for interior design concepts, final finishes, and the layouts for any exercise equipment that will affect mechanical and electrical aspects are very close to completion. Acoustics are also an important consideration at this stage of the planning, with the mitigation of vibration effects being addressed for the gymnasium floor, basketball rim mounts, the track floor, and free weight areas.

Looking ahead even further, Southwest Properties plans to approach the above-grade construction from south side of the site to the north side, once the parking lot levels are built. The south tower houses the rental units and will be constructed first. Construction of the rental building will be followed by the north tower, which includes the four floors of our new John W. Lindsay YMCA on the corner, retail and commercial spaces, and the Pavilion condominiums.

Construction of the YMCA facility within the north tower is expected to begin in mid-2017 with construction taking 15 months. The exciting opening of the new John W. Lindsay YMCA is expected in 2019!

Want to see the most up-to-date views of the construction site? Check out the construction webcam!