Let’s face it. Sometimes life makes it hard to pursue a healthy lifestyle. 

Our goal is to eliminate financial barriers and provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to participate in YMCA programs and services that help make life healthier and happier.

As a charity, the YMCA raises money year-round to help those who may be unable to participate in YMCA life-enhancing programs and services for financial reasons. We help open the doors to participation to everyone.

The YMCA is able to offer financial assistance due to generous donations from people who believe in the values of the YMCA and have donated to our YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. We also supplement financial assistance through the operations of the organization and facilitate access to other financial assistance programs that are available for specific programs.

At the Y, we believe everyone can reach their potential when they are active, learning and connected.

  • When kids are active, they do better academically
  • When teens get leadership opportunities, they gain confidence and become more connected
  • When families play together, everyone thrives
  • When adults pursue an active lifestyle, they reduce stress and improve their health
  • When seniors remain active and participate in social activities, they are happier
  • When immigrants are active and engaged in their community, they often choose to stay in the communities

We’d love to help you and your family reach your full potential by removing any financial barriers to participation in YMCA programs you may face. You have the opportunity to receive Financial Assistance, whether or not you are currently registered for a YMCA program. Current YMCA program participants are also able to receive financial assistance for other programs within the YMCA!

To learn more about Financial Assistance, please inquire with the individual program are you are interested in.  For a full listing if our programs click here.