How Big Cove is shaping tomorrow’s change makers

Big Cove camp is near and dear to many hearts. As the oldest overnight camp in Canada, we can only imagine how many influential leaders in our community have been shaped by summer nights swatting mosquitoes and days paddling on the water in Sutherlands River, NS.

YMCA Camps are providing an experience that lasts a lifetime. The overnight camping experience is an important part of each child’s development and Big Cove YMCA Camp has a proud commitment of serving camper-families in Nova Scotia. Our exciting programs truly are the pinnacle of the Big Cove YMCA Camp experience.

“Big Cove is where I met the people who are my best friends. It was my first introduction to leadership, team building, and working in a group” says Molly Morgan, a current staff member of the John W. Lindsay YMCA. “I started as a camper, and eventually was able to become a counsellor and camp leader. It made me infinitely more outgoing. After leadership at camp, I wanted to be part of student counsel, help plan events, and have accountability and use the skills I was taught. I thought – If I can get up in front of 100 campers, why can’t I do that elsewhere? It builds character. I attribute everything I know back to leadership at Big Cove. It tests you, and learning to lead is important.”

The “Canadian Summer Camp Research Project” found that kids who attend overnight camp experience personal growth in social integration, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and attitudes toward physical activity!1 For parents interested in engaging their children in fun, recreational activity that helps their children disconnect from their screens and re-connect with their community, summer camp is the perfect opportunity for participation or employment.

Our Big Cove YMCA Camp programs are designed to help youth grow as individuals while promoting cooperation and teamwork with others in a safe, supportive community. The YMCA’s philosophy of spirit, mind and body helps to guide our programs in enhancing self-awareness, confidence, trust, and responsibility. To learn more about Big Cove Camp, visit or explore Big Cove Summer Employment Opportunities at