On April 26th 2017 the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia announced that they would be offering $5 million in funding each towards the new John W. Lindsay YMCA facility, in support of building a stronger, healthier community for all, through the New Building Canada Fund.

It was an historic moment for the YMCA and the new John W. Lindsay YMCA: the funding represents the largest government investment our YMCA has ever received.

And, it was the day when our YMCA showed that the coming together of government, community, and private donors can accomplish so much more than any of us alone― including helping to solve key social issues that threaten our shared prosperity.

“The collective investment in the future of our community represented by those who have chosen to invest in this project is a testimony to the strength of our resolve to make our community better for all for decades to come,” says John Lindsay Jr., Chair of the YMCA Capital Campaign. “It shows the importance our partners, our community, and our donors, have placed on the health and wellness of our community, and everyone in it.”

As a charity, our YMCA ensures that our facilities and programs are accessible to all by providing subsidies to those in need so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential. Our vision is for the new John W. Lindsay YMCA to be a place that, like the wider YMCA organization, is open to all and available to everyone.