Active Living adds Years to Your Life, and Life to your Years

What could be better than being active and meeting new people? At the YMCA, we know the benefits of living a healthy, active lifestyle. Through Active Living, we focus on helping newcomers settle in their new home while providing opportunities for being physically active and making social connections.

Active Living offers a wide range of programs to help Immigrants build skills, and provides opportunities and information for  newcomers to be active and healthy in their new communities. Classes are offered at our centre weekly for adults and seniors. Our classes are fun, fresh, and energetic.

Our Active Living Classes Include:

  • Talking Circles for practicing  English
  • Active Day for older adults (55 yrs+)
  • Fitness classes for men
  • Fitness for women with congruent programming for children
  • Parent & Tots activities
  • Family outings
  • Information workshops