YMCA Canada Connects supports newcomers to become integrated in Canadian life by matching them with YMCA Volunteers. The YMCA Canada Connects Program focuses on intercultural learning and fostering meaningful relationships in community.

Program participants meet a minimum of two hours per week for six months in informal settings (at home, coffee shops, community centres, etc.). The YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs will facilitate the first meeting between the participant(s) and volunteer. Volunteers and participants will receive training and program guidelines.

  • Volunteers are matched with a newcomer family or individual according to their interest.
  • Volunteers support newcomers learning services, resources and opportunities in their communities.
  • Volunteers provide opportunities for newcomers to practice language skills in English through informal conversations.
  • Volunteers offer informal orientation for newcomers on basic daily skills and activities (banking, schools, recreation, etc.)
  • Volunteers offer orientation for newcomers on Canadian workplace culture, work experiences and professional networks.
  • Matches exchange and learn about each other cultural traditions, food, customs and ideas.
  • Matches can share family activities, interests and hobbies.

Please contact Jocelyn Morton, Volunteer Coordinator at the YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs: [email protected] 902-457-6882