The YMCA is committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment at all times. The safety of our members, participants, staff and volunteers is paramount and we will take all measures necessary to ensure that we are abiding by Public Health regulations.

Monday, November 16, 2020:

As we near the one month mark of opening, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our members, participants, staff and volunteers for their commitment to health and safety for themselves and for one another. We are enjoying the privilege of participating in health and wellness activities that many other Canadians have not had the opportunity to fully experience this fall. We are very lucky here in Atlantic Canada.

On Friday November 13, however, we were reminded that we cannot take this privilege for granted and that the COVID-19 virus can spread, and spread quickly, if we do not remain vigilant in our behaviours. 

On Monday November 16, Public Health advised the YMCA that, due to protection of personal privacy, they are unable to confirm whether the potential exposure was a confirmed COVID-19 case or a potential case. Public Health indicated that, due to the COVID operational policies and practices in place at the John W. Lindsay YMCA with respect to space, sanitization, mask wearing adherence and social distancing measures, the John W. Lindsay YMCA is a low risk environment for spread. As a result, no further action is required at this time.

We continuously assess and strive to improve our operations. Here are some updates that describe the further  enhancements to our COVID Operational Plan, in addition to our regular practices, that you will be experiencing during your time at the John W. Lindsay YMCA:

  • When visiting the John W. Lindsay YMCA, you are required to wear a facemask upon entry, while moving between equipment and for the duration of your time in the facility. This is a YMCA policy. You may remove your face mask only while:
    • Exercising (exerting energy)
    • Showering
    • Swimming
    • Eating/Drinking

This policy will be strictly enforced and non-compliance may result in your membership being suspended.

  • You will be expected to make every effort to maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times.
  • Room capacity limits will be strictly adhered to. Staff will be monitoring the number of participants in our spaces using the My Y app. If you are not signed up for the specific program for the space, and we are over capacity, you will be asked to leave the space.
  • The number of people permitted to use the Strength and Conditioning floor will decrease from 50 to 40. Some free weights and benches will be relocated to Studio 3.
  • It will take a bit longer for you to screen through our Welcome Desk. We will be asking our members to maintain a one foot distance from the Welcome Desk (no leaning on the counter please), follow the traffic arrows and stand on the designated waiting spots as indicated on the floor. This may result in your access taking a little bit longer, but it is important.

We will continue to:

  • Screen all non-member visitors and guests using a COVID screening questionnaire/sign in sheet. All non-members are required to produce photo ID.
  • Screen all YMCA Members by ensuring they swipe their membership card upon access. By swiping your membership card, members & staff/volunteers declare that they are answering “No” to the mandatory COVID screening questions. This serves to ensure we have an accurate database should contact tracing be required;
  • Adhere to thorough and regularly scheduled cleaning practices in order to sanitize spaces;
  • Encourage members to bring their own water bottles (only the bottle fillers will be available for use. The water fountain spout will be covered and unavailable);
  • Encourage members to bring their own small equipment, mats etc. to limit the use of small equipment by different individuals;
  • Ensure enough supply of disposable masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectants are available, to ensure the safety of members, volunteers and staff at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation. If we all work together, we can continue to enjoy using the YMCA and YMCA programs this fall and into the winter. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our health and safety operational practices, please contact us.

Lorrie Turnbull

Chief Operating Officer
YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth
Yasmin Mukhtar
Health & Safety Compliance Officer
YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth

[email protected] For more information about the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth, please visit