Leadership II is the second phase of the Leadership Development Program at Big Cove YMCA Camp. L2 is a 27-day leadership training program designed for successful graduates of the Leadership I program, or those with prior leadership experience. Similar to the Leadership I program, Leadership II is only offered in July and August.

Participants will have the opportunity to work directly with groups of campers under the supervision of well-trained camp staff, and experience a 10-day paddle, with on-trip instruction to Prince Edward Island. Leadership II campers will be sleeping in one of four tipis while they are at Camp.

The Leadership II program focuses on the development of:

  • Camp-Counseling
  • Teaching
  • Programming
  • Communication skills

Many of our Leadership II graduates are able to use skills learned during Leadership II to become YMCA Big Cove Camp staff. Applications for participation in Leadership II may be required. More information about applications will be sent to families if needed. Please click here to learn more about the programs offered at Big Cove YMCA Camp.