LiveWell is a community-based health partnership program that provides a seamless continuum of care through access to innovative, best-practice and evidence-based programs which result in the improved health of the individuals and the communities served by the YMCA.

LiveWell programs:

  • Create smooth transitions for patients between hospital care and community health.
  • Deliver care in the most appropriate setting for promoting and sustaining health and wellness.
  • Improve health outcomes of individuals with a focus on secondary prevention and chronic disease self-management.
  • Reduce health disparities through the elimination of both real and perceived barriers to participation.

LiveWell supports both physician and self-referrals and offers a comprehensive intake process, supervision, and progression within a socially supportive environment. It embraces a person-centric approach that focuses on secondary prevention and chronic disease self-management. LiveWell encourages participants to take control of their own health.

For more information about LiveWell Programs and to register please contact: (782) 414-6186 or [email protected]