As a longstanding charity, the YMCA has been at the leading edge of community need.

Our staff and volunteers have aided in two World Wars, the Halifax Explosion and the Great Depression. We founded the first overnight camp in Canada, Big Cove YMCA Camp, in 1889. We developed pre-employment classes in the late 60s for those who needed to continue their education. And we established the Ys Job Generation Project, which served unemployed youth with multiple barriers to employment. 

Building on this history is more important than ever as additional restrictions and protective health measures continue to impact the most vulnerable among us who are most at risk of feeling isolated. As a multi-service organization we aim to be responsive to the needs of communities most affected by COVID-19. This cannot be done without the support of the community and by the incredible work of our members and staff. 

Journey with us to read more about the stories of impact, support and strength our YMCA members. #PowerOfBelonging

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