Welcome to YMCA Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre!

YMCA Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre is a fully accessible, warm and welcoming environment for families with children ages three months to five years. Nestled in the heart of downtown Halifax, our YMCA Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre offers unsurpassed views of the scenic Halifax Harbour. Our qualified YMCA Early Childhood Educators apply your child’s interests to help shape their learning experience.

We offer:

  • Optimal learning experiences
  • A warm, friendly, and safe environment
  • Encouragement for your child to be themselves and learn at their own pace
  • Our signature, child-led YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum that encourages your child to discover learning through creative play
  • Grand Friends Program – allowing children and seniors to get together by playing games, singing songs, and making crafts
  • Inclusive Programming
  • Our unique Grand Friends program that features regular visits with seniors to connect and play
  • A welcoming environment for children of all abilities and a family-centred, bias-free environment, supported by a full-time Inclusion Coordinator
  • Nutritious, healthy morning snacks and lunch made fresh by our Child Care Cook
  • Outdoor play at our onsite playground and terrace
  • Access to the Community YMCA gymnasium
  • Outings and plenty of fresh air with visits to local parks and community spaces
  • A peanut-free environment
  • Open communication and daily parent journals
  • Low child-Early Childhood Educator ratios
  • Living elements (ex. plants, fish, natural light) in all rooms to stimulate your child’s thinking

The YMCA Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre works to ensure that every child has the ability to fulfill their potential.

What should I know before registering my child?

  • Due to many severe and possibly life-threatening allergies, YMCA Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre is a completely peanut free daycare facility.
  • Subsidies are available! Eligibility is based on your family’s income, finances and social need.
  • We offer unique curriculum that makes us stand out from other daycares. These programs include Grand Friends, and Playing to Learn.
  • We welcome children of all abilities, and are a family-centered, bias-free environment.

What makes our Early Care programs special?

  • Signature YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum which allows children to learn through their play and interests
  • Foundations of Numeracy, Science, Technology, Language, Reading, Writing, and the Arts
  • Unique Scheduling – your child naps when they need to, no set “nap time” – we try and keep our Centre as similar to your home as possible
  • Experienced, and friendly staff who are educated on the individual needs of the room
  • Parents receive daily updates from Educators
  • Monthly Centre newsletters to keep you informed
  • Access to John W. Lindsay YMCA and Community YMCA
  • Participation in our Grand Friends Program which introduces children to Seniors in their community through fun and play
  • Nutritious snacks & meals
  • Fresh air

Additional Resources

For more information, please click the links below.

Parent Handbook

YMCA Playing to Learn Brochure