When Nashya was seven-years-old, her mom and dad signed her up for her first year of basketball with the YMCA. She joined the Panthers Junior Mini team. Now at twelve-years-old, Nashya has enjoyed playing on every team.  

“I’ve always played to developmental and physical toughness,” she said. “I managed to play up to my abilities and direction given from coaches, as well as developing a sense of leadership.” 

This year, she and her team made it to Provincial Championships, where they all learned more about leadership and teamwork. This also means working together and helping each other out – on and off the court. 

The girls she plays with regularly have always been a year or two older, but that didn’t stop Nashya. Nor did it stop her from winning awards such as MVP (Most Valuable Player) or Rising Star.  

“The Community Y Panthers have made my time at the Y fun and knowledgeable. They always push us to be the best we can be, and never give up on us or let us give up on ourselves.” 


A special shout-out to all of our wonderful coaches this year during National Coaching Week!   

Shawn Mantley Duane Gero David Paris Denise Grouse Chanel Smith
Corey Marsman Terry Wright Mike Sampson Shaun Grouse Dave Barrington
Jade Verney Isaiah Skeete Dwight Hampden Finely Tolliver Rita Rieksts
Trevor Walter Jonathan Hiles Thane Smith Beth Johnson Josh Creighton
Tanya Reddick Nathaniel Gough