Our Toddler Care Room is inclusive, fun and a welcoming environment, designed to encourage free exploration and growth for children.  We use our signature YMCA Playing to Learn  curriculum, which factors all areas of your child’s development into account, including their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social behaviour. Our YMCA Early Childhood Educators then adapt the curriculum to meet the specific needs of your child. That way, your child’s interests help shape their learning experience.

Toddlers will be carefully supervised in a 1:6 Child-Educator ratio. The YMCA Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre strives to feel as similar to home as possible. We operate  based on your child’s needs – not a set schedule. We are proud to welcome children of all levels and abilities in our Centre.

We know that your toddler is busy learning, and absorbing information and lessons like a sponge. We allow children to learn by small group activities, interacting with peers and teachers, and physical activity. At The YMCA Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre, we provide a safe and warm space, filled with natural light, stunning views, plants, and fish.


What makes our Toddler Care Room Special?

  • Signature YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum which allows children to learn through their play and interests
  • Foundations of Numeracy, Science, Technology, Language, Reading, Writing, and the Arts
  • Unique Scheduling – your child naps when they need to, no set “nap time” – we try and keep our Centre as similar to your home as possible
  • Experienced, and friendly staff who are educated on the individual needs of the room
  • Parents recieve daily updates from Educators
  • Monthly Centre newsletters to keep you informed
  • Access to Community YMCA gym facility
  • Participation in our Grand Friends Program which introduces children to Seniors in their community through fun and play
  • Nutritious snacks & meals
  • Fresh air