Hello everyone,
please see below for the updated rules for our basketball season. Bottom line- the kids can play! We are finally able to begin the 2020-21 MBA season. As was mentioned over the past number of months, this season is going to look very different than seasons gone by. The league has actively put policies and procedures for this season to ensure we are abiding by the Public Health guidelines as well as the return to play plan set out by Basketball Nova Scotia.
Below is a summary of the important information as we move closer to “tip-off” weekend set for February 6, 2021.

Rule Changes – COVID 19

  • Limits to a team’s roster size-
  • Teams will be able to have a maximum of 15 players.
  • Teams will be able to have a maximum of 4 coaches and must have a minimum of two coaches.
  • If a team has less then 15 players they cannot add additional coaches.
  • There will be no jump-ball to start the game.
  • There will be a coin toss prior to the start of the game, done by the referee(s) and a coach from each team. There will be no post-game hand shakes

Policy’s and Procedures – COVID 19

Spectators will not be permitted. Games will not start if there are spectators in the gym.
All coaches, players, officials and scorekeepers MUST wear a mask entering and exiting the facilities as well as when not in the gym.
Masks are not mandatory while participating in the sport. It is strongly suggested that those coaches, players and scorekeepers sitting on the sidelines (bench) wear a mask.
Additional time has been scheduled between game times, this is to allow a safe entrance and exit from all facilities. Teams waiting for their game must wait in the parking lot until the participants from the previous game have completed vacated the facility. Teams cannot wait in the hallways waiting for the teams from the previous game to clear. Coaches are asked to work together to notify the incoming teams that their group has completely left the building.
Prior to each game beginning each team must give the scorekeeper their attendance list
for their team, this includes a Yes/no section to confirm a health questionnaire has been gone through with all players and coaches on their team. Coaches should print and brin