Diana Ortiz & Mario Olaya

Our 5K Youth Runners

The YMCA was ready to Giv’Er at the 15thAnnual Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon this year. Showing our pride in bright pink T-shirts, Team YMCA joined over 11,000 community members taking the streets of downtown Halifax and Dartmouth in support of our YMCA Strong Kids campaign. YMCA Strong Kids aims to ensure every child has access to programs and resources needed to help them reach their full potential. On Saturday, May 19th2018, 20 youth from the YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs and the Community Y participated in the Doctor’s Nova Scotia Youth Run and the Lifemark 5K.  Congratulations to Ahmad Al-Helwani who finished the Lifemark 5K with our fastest time at 00:26:14!

Brian Posavad, and Andy Fillmore MP

The following day, 31 enthusiastic Y runners gave their best to get 4 YMCA teams across the finish line of the Killam Marathon Team Relay – including a very special team member, Andy Fillmore, Halifax MP, who passed the baton to our President and CEO, Brian Posavad.


Team YMCA has received over 120 donations through the Scotiabank Charity Challenge in support of our YMCA Strong Kids campaign, and we are happy to announce we have surpassed our $5,000 goal! Raising approximately $5,300 to date, we are continuing fundraising efforts until the June 27th2018 closing date. The YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth would like to give special thanks to Safia Day for her hard work and dedication to raising funds and awareness for our YMCA Strong Kids campaign, as well as to Amy Belanger and Briana Day for coordinating our YMCA water station and volunteers during the event.  We would also like to send thanks to the more than 1,400 Blue Nose volunteers who donated their time and skills to make the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon a success! To view more photos of our Fundraising events for Blue Nose and photos from the Marathon itself follow us on Social Media!