The Capital Campaign for the John W. Lindsay YMCA went over the $8.4 million mark at the end of August. We currently we have raised $8,426,679 of our $9,000,000 million goal!

Our Capital Campaign Cabinet volunteers, led by John Lindsay Jr, are now focused on a narrower set of opportunities, as we make the transition to the Community Campaign, led by Lynn Coveyduck and her committee of fundraising volunteers. We’re still on the lookout for volunteers to help in all aspects of the campaign – from fundraising, to writing content, to helping with events. Please contact us if you, or someone you know wants to help!

As the Community Campaign starts to take centre stage this fall and into the first quarter of 2018, you can expect to see and hear about a lot about the YMCA as the Original Social Network, as a way of attracting interest in new facility and the campaign. We’ve also recently launched a new website to support the campaign, featured in the lead story of the newsletter. Stay tuned for invitations to the Campaign Launch and key gift announcements throughout the fall — more exciting news is coming soon!

Thank you once again for your support and inspiration as a generous donor and friend of the YMCA.