All three of our Care Rooms will participate in:

  • Nutrition: Healthy morning snacks, a full lunch and afternoon snacks made fresh by our Child Care Cook. All snacks/meals will be made in alignment with the Standards of Food and Nutrition set by the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services.
  • Grand Friends: Participation in our YMCA ‘Grand Friends’ program with frequent visits to nearby geriatric care facilities. The Grand Friends program is designed to allow children the chance to learn from, and engage with seniors in their community. Participants will take part in a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, conversation, games, and storytelling. Our Grand Friends program promises to be fun for all ages.
  • Playing to Learn: Implementation of YMCA ‘Playing to Learn’ curriculum, signature and nationally recognized YMCA curriculum. Playing to Learn helps children discover learning through creative play, in alignment with developmental benchmarks.
  • Fresh Air: Outings allow all children to explore their communities. We visit local parks including the Halifax Public Gardens, the Halifax waterfront, gymnasiums, HRM pools, Citadel Hill, public libraries, the Museum of Natural History and more (Depending on the Program. We also play outdoors at our onsite playground/terrace overlooking the Halifax Harbour.
  • Activities: Music, songs and story time throughout the day.
  • Open Communication: Entries in our daily parent journals, highlighting your child’s daily activities including: bathroom visits, medication administered (if applicable), fluid and food intake, and special activities of the day. All of our YMCA Early Childhood Educators will maintain open and honest communication with parents at all times.
  • Mindful: Due to many severe and possibly life-threatening allergies, YMCA Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre is a completely peanut free daycare facility.
  • Inclusion: We welcome children of all abilities, and operate a family-centred, bias-free environment.