YMCA Community Action Network –YCAN

Have a Say in What Our Community Needs

The YMCA Community Action Network (YCAN) is one of Canada’s national youth service initiatives, part of the Canada Service Corps. The program is for young adults aged 15 to 30, and is led completely by the participants! Groups identify needs in their community and create service projects to address them, gaining employable skills throughout their journey. The YMCA’s role is to reduce barriers to participation and engage with youth who may not otherwise have the chance to participate in a service project. In partnership with other YMCAs across Canada, youth from regional communities are recruited, trained, and mentored to successfully select, lead, deliver, and evaluate service initiatives in their own communities. Each service project develops a network of community contacts and provides the participants with career development skills, volunteer hours, and more all while adding value to the local community.

Registration is ongoing. Please contact the YCAN Coordinator for more information: [email protected]

YCAN Halifax participants attend a presentation by Women Unlimited, an organization dedicated to encouraging young women to explore trade programs.

A group bonding activity at On-Tree with zip-lining and obstacle courses!