Providing a Strong Foundation for Learning in a Safe Environment

We are ready for you! Our child care staff are very excited to welcome our families back to our Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre. 

Please keeping utilizing our Weemarkable App, and our Facebook Group to continue to connect with our Early Childhood Educators through stories, sing-alongs, recipes, and games to keep families entertained and engaged. 

Our Y Educators and Staff have been busy preparing for your child(ren)’s return to help them transition back to Child Care in a supportive and safe manner. 

Here are a few ways we have created additional safety measures at your child’s centre:

  • Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Policy and Practices
  • Drop-off and pick-up processes will be scheduled and include a daily health check with your children
  • Physical spaces and how items are arranged may look a little different to support physical distancing measures
  • We’ve re-evaluated some of the materials and items in classrooms to ensure they exceed health and safety guidelines
  • You’ll also notice, there will be reduced ratios in classrooms (even more support than before for your child)

Some things might have changed, but a lot (and it’s all good) still remains:

  • Our commitment to supporting your children’s needs through quality care, curriculum, and small group practices
  • Our best health practices such as hand washing and disinfecting
  • Our daily schedule for play, snacks, meals, and rest time
  • Our supportive, educated, and caring staff
  • Our passion for what we do!

Our staff will be reaching out to answer questions about the measures provided above. We want to ensure everyone is comfortable, confident, and prepared upon your child’s return.

Welcome back to the YMCA!

Elizabete Pinheiro, Director of Child Care
[email protected]
(902) 492-3622