Group Fitness

The YMCA has something for everyone with our YMCA fitness classes spanning a range of interests, activities and abilities.

We recommend that you wear active gear: shorts, leggings, t-shirts, and/or tank tops are all light-weight and breathable clothing for our Group Fitness Classes. You should have comfortable sneakers to help absorb impact during your participation. Please be sure to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during class.

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Cardio & Strength

The high resistance of water and available equipment offers an excellent workout while minimizing impact on joints. All fitness levels are welcome.

Beginner belly dance is a low-impact introduction to a beautiful dance form. Originally from middle East. Classes begin with a gentle warm-up, then belly dance moves are introduced, increasing student’s understanding and skill with each class.

Meet your fitness goals with this multi-level bootcamp. Challenge your strength, endurance, balance, agility, coordination and speed with drills that include multiple options suited to your fitness level.

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning that involves endurance training, resistance training, high-intensity aerobics, and exercises performed in a circuit, similar to High-intensity interval training. It targets strength building and muscular endurance.

Don’t ignore your core! Challenge this important set of muscles in this dedicated core class. You will gain strength through a variety of exercises that work your abdominals, back muscles, glutes and more!

Up your cycling skills! Come prepared for a cardiovascular workout that emphasizes proper form, technique and safety. Challenge your endurance and stamina with hills, climbs, sprints and more on an indoor cycling bike.

Calling all the early birds out there! This 7am fitness class is a Halifax YMCA tradition dating back 30 years! Join this group for 2 days of strength training and 2 days of Cardio then stretch and relax on Friday’s with Yoga. This early morning fitness class is made for all levels and focuses on full body workouts.

Boost your level of fitness and gain full body strength! Improve you muscle endurance, mobility and stability without the stress on your joints. This total body strengthening workout combines resistance and power. Suitable for all levels.

Be gentle on your body while boosting your level of fitness! Improve your endurance, mobility and stability without the stress on your joints. This total body, low-impact workout combines resistance and balance exercises. Suitable for beginners and anyone requiring a modified program.

This class is high cardio but low impact. This means you are getting a great choreographed aerobic workout, but you get to control the intensity based on your fitness level. Hi/Lo gives participants the opportunity to perform manageable, low-impact movements between periods of high intensity.

Listen to Latin music while learning fast paced dance routines. All levels welcome! Make sure to arrive 5 minutes before the class begins.

Yoga Mind-Body

Find your inner strength and balance as you de-stress in this gentle calming class. You will improve your flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness through a series of breathing exercises and simple poses. You will finish the class feeling centered and rejuvenated.

This dance inspired total-body workout engages each muscle group, producing rapid results. A combination of smart and functional dance moves paired with the strengthening and toning powers of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), SoulBody Barre is a mindful workout that transforms the body and engages the soul.

Lengthen your muscles and calm your mind in this serene class. You will work on stretching, relaxation and mindfulness, incorporating a variety of lengthening movements and calming techniques. This class is for all levels. *A minimum of 3 participants is r