For more than 30 years, the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth has successfully worked with unemployed individuals in community-based settings to provide employment services for community members seeking employment and career advancement. Across Canada, the YMCA operates nearly 700 employment initiatives. YMCA Nova Scotia Works Employment Services has multiple locations in the Halifax Regional Municipality. 

In 2016, Nancy Hayes and her team of “Direction Emploi” (the only French Services Employment Provider in HRM at the time) became an integral part of the YMCA Nova Scotia Works  Employment Services Centre.  

At that time [of joining the YMCA NS Works team] we already had a partnership with the YMCA, so it was a natural transition to be integrated with them. It makes us a little bit different, if you think about it, because we took a French only organization and integrated into their services. We came with fully bilingual employees, french materials, connections in our community, and all.” – Nancy Hayes, Manager of  French Services 

French language services in Nova Scotia are an integral part of serving the once displaced Acadian population and French newcomers from around the globe. Integrating them with YMCA NS Works resulted in comprehensive provider of French services for businesses and job searchers. It was an important step in making sure the YMCA NS Works is inclusive in the services it offers. 

These unique, all-encompassing French services allow employers to translate job postings and provide HR support while flagging job opportunities for French speakers that will ensure ongoing success in their career. Nancy hopes that they are creating a model that can support other language services as well. 

“If we are doing a good job of offering French services, we will have the key to the success to offer support in any other language” – Nancy Hayes, Manager of  French Services  

Presently, the YMCA’s French Services team is working closely with community initiatives that celebrate French services, French community activities and engagement, and promoting bilingual job postings for employers across Nova Scotia. To learn more about YMCA NS Works French Services, please visit or visit their Facebook page @YMCANouvelleEcosseTravail