YMCA Physical Healthy Development (YPHD)

YPHD is a program for children in Primary to Grade 6 designed to increase physical activity levels of children.

YPHD offers:

  • Before, During, and After School activities
  • A healthy alternative for child care
  • Quality programming and tools which focus on the development of ¬†healthy & happy habits for a bright future
  • High Five and CATCH¬†curriculum components
  • A fun, inclusive, and physical environment

At the Y, we believe that if children learn to be active and are given the opportunity to make healthy food choices at a young age, that they will grow up to live healthy, active lives.

Program Locations

YPHD is offered to children in Primary to Grade 6 in six schools in Halifax. YPHD begins at 7:30 a.m., and closes at 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Hours of operation may vary according to individual school bell times for before school, lunch and after school. YPHD programming is also available on all in-service days as identified by the Halifax Regional School Board.

YPHD is available within the following schools:

  • DucD’anville School: 12 Clayton Park Dr., Halifax
  • LeMarchant School Annex: 6166 Watt St., Halifax
  • Springvale School: 92 Downs Ave., Halifax
  • St. Catherine’s School: 3299 Connolly St., Halifax
  • Inglis Street School: 5985 Inglis St., Halifax
  • Westmount School (inside Apostles Angilican Church): 6670 Bayers Rd., Halifax

The foundation of our YPHD program is built on the YMCA Healthy Child Development Framework which focuses on the importance of play, relationships and health. By focusing on these key areas, our Y can improve the overall health and well-being of children in our community.
At the Y, we know that play allows children to:

  • improve and maintain physical health and well-being;
  • release stress and build resiliency skills, and;
  • have fun!

We know that a focus on relationships allows children to:

  • build positive connections with peers;
  • learn how to problem solve, and;
  • develop their ability to express empathy.

And, we also know that by focusing on health, children can:

  • learn how to make healthy choices;
  • become more physically active and get their bodies moving;
  • develop healthy relationships with others, and;
  • foster a healthy spirit.

Our Promise to Families

The YMCA works to ensure that every child has the ability to fulfill their potential. We know that each child is a unique in his or her own way. We employ qualified, passionate, and caring YPHD Staff who are selected based on their professional experience, qualifications and commitment to advancing young lives through quality care with a focus on physical activity for children and youth.

To ensure the best experience for children and families, YMCA requirements of employment for YPHD Staff state that:

  • YPHD Staff are certified in First Aid and CPR
  • YPHD Staff undergo Criminal Record Checks
  • YPHD Staff undergo Child Abuse Registry Checks

Statement of Inclusion

All staff, families and users of YMCA Child Care services are entitled to respectful, non-discriminatory treatment regardless of their religion, culture, gender, age or diverse abilities. The YMCA values the rights of all children and their opportunity for active, meaningful participation in a quality, inclusive child care program within their community. Activities, toys, equipment and programs will be selected for their ability to be adapted for successful use by all children. Staff will provide hands-on assistance to all children as well as act as appropriate role models, encouraging others to learn from their example.