Our YPHD programs adhere to HIGH FIVE, a standard committed to assisting children with healthy development by ensuring program practitioners develop a high level of knowledge and expertise in child development, helping parents to make informed choices, and providing practitioners with tools to enhance and maintain program quality.

HIGH FIVE holds true to the five principles of healthy child development that research shows are essential for quality programming:

  • A caring adult
  • The opportunity to make friends
  • The opportunity to play
  • The opportunity to master skills
  • The opportunity to participate


All staff, families, and participants of YMCA Child Care services are entitled to respectful, non-discriminatory treatment regardless of their religion, culture, gender, age of diverse abilities. The YMCA values the rights of all children and their opportunity for active, meaningful participation in a quality, inclusive child care program within their community.

We ensure that all activities, toys, equipment, and programs will be selected for their ability to be adapted for successful use by all children. Staff will provide hands-on assistance to all children as well as act as appropriate role models, encouraging others to learn from their example.


Our YMCA staff work to ensure that every child has the ability to fulfil their potential. We know that each child is unique in his or her own way. We employ qualified, passionate, and caringYPHD staff who are selected based on their professional experience, qualifications and commitment to advancing young lives through quality care with a focus on physical activity for children and youth.

To ensure the best experience for children and families, the YMCA requires all employees of YPHD staff to:

  • Be certified in First Aid and CPR
  • Undergo Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Checks
  • Undergo Child Abuse Registry Checks