2022 Gratitude Report​

Message from Sonya Fraser

Chair, YMCA Board of Directors

You are the backbone of how we help community at the YMCA. Our donors at all levels are expanding our impact across the province in Child Care, Camps, Employment, Immigration, and Health & Wellbeing, and after 170 years of serving Halifax, we continue to be touched by your support.

The YMCA was hard at work in 2022, actively delivering and building new opportunities for the community to engage and reconnect. We saw programs like Y Mind and Youth Transitions begin helping youth who need alternative health care options to be their best selves. We recognized that the need for financial assistance in our community has doubled in the last year and revamped our financial assistance program to make it more accessible. We remain committed to meeting the needs of Ukrainians, who arrived fleeing war and have put down new roots in our beautiful province of Nova Scotia. We renovated our beloved Community Y and have created more space for our children and youth to enjoy their after school programs! Your support has gone a long way and ensures that we deliver on our purpose of creating communities through a sense of belonging. This is only possible, thanks to donors like you.

The last year brought us renewed hope. With the help of those who believe in our mission, we were able to make a difference in the lives of all people who find our Y. Thank you for being part of our mission, and an active member of our community.

With Gratitude,

Sonya Fraser

Chair, Board of Directors
YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth

Mary Ellen

Creating a Sense of Belonging

Your impact in numbers

313 Donors

Helped us meet our fundraising goals to sustain our YMCA programs and services across the province

1,583 people received financial assistance

To access essential services and a sense of community.

$1,344,470 in funding from Grant and Foundations

allowed us to sustain existing and start new programs, so that we continue to evolve and meet the needs of our communities.

$26,800 in scholarships

helped 7 young YMCA leaders who are students pay for post-secondary education.

$654,952 was donated

by individuals, companies, and other community organizations to support access to our YMCA's life-enhancing programs and services.

YMCA staff donated over $12,000

back to our charity via payroll deductions, dedicating their time, talent, and treasure to our mission!

Foundation and Grant Support

Thank you to the following funders, who have made contributions to the YMCA’s programs, services, and facilities in 2022 to keep up our charitable work in the community:

  • Community Foundations of Canada
  • Community Foundation of Nova Scotia
  • Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Canadian Tire Jump Start
  • ScotiaBank 
  • McCall MacBain Foundation
  • Windsor Foundation
  • Halifax Youth Foundation
  • Krista Grant Foundation
  • Department of Community Services 

Donor Profile: Ginny Salsman

83 years ago, Virginia Salsman made her first gift to our YMCA at only 10 years old. Ginny grew up in Wolfville with her mother and father, and started her first job babysitting at the young age of 10. Her father, a man who supported the YMCA himself, instilled in her the value of giving back to community through the YMCA.

“He told me that I should pick somewhere to give back to. We decided on 10% of my earnings, and I gave it to the Y.”

Since then, she’s made gifts throughout her whole life on an annual basis to sustain the YMCA as a charity in the community. Ginny went on to become an accountant for John Lindsay Sr., who became an incredible Y Champion through his own health journey.

“I would go around to all the workers, because I was the accountant, and ask everyone in the company how much they wanted to donate to the YMCA from their paycheck, you know? Because it was important to John, it was important to us.”

Ginny was encouraged by John to start exercising at the YMCA. She met many friends in our programs. She’s still in touch with some of them to this day, and plans to continue to support the YMCA for years to come.

“The Y is such a lovely place for young people to grow and learn. If I were to ask someone to donate to the Y, I’d tell them about the people I helped there.”

Watch Ginny tell her Y Story, here!

Everyone Has a Story Campaign

Y Stories from our Community

Thanks to the hundreds of community members who believed in our “Everyone Has a Story” Campaign, our YMCA was able to meet our goal of raising $100,000 to sustain our charitable programs and services! With Cliff & Jill Langin’s matching gift, every person who donated to our mission made double the impact. We were able to hear from the community and tell Y Stories of resilience, making friends, becoming great leaders, and exploring new opportunities. Even our volunteers got in on telling their Y Stories!

Check out our Campaign video below, featuring YMCA members Lorna, Adrius, and Midya to hear their Y Stories!


“Growing up I had fond memories of spending Saturday mornings in Moncton at the gym and swim program. I went on to become a volunteer fitness instructor. As a new parent living in Oshawa, both children attended the child care program and learned to swim while I was able to make meaningful connections with other parents. Wherever life has taken me, including Halifax just over a decade ago, the Y has been part of my story and made every community feel like home.”

– Patty Faith, YMCA Board Member & Volunteer

YMCA Program Feature:

Youth Transitions Program

Youth Transitions Program (YTP) is a free program at the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth for youth ages 12-18. The goal is to help guide and transition youth to the next stage of their life, no matter what that may be, and to help youth grow and become the best versions of themselves.

Since YTP started in September 2022, over 300 youth have attended, and this number is growing every week! Most participants find YTP through workshops offered at local schools. Thanks to the workshops, the YTP Leaders have built great relationships with the youth and have successfully enrolled an increasing number of students into the full program.

YTP program is currently offered at Cunard Junior High and Oxford School, where YTP staff provide support 4-5 time a week. The YMCA staff has successfully built mutually beneficial relationships with the schools, and hope to continue and grow the program as the year goes on.

YTP Leaders are in the process of onboarding volunteers for the mentorship component of the program. YTP is growing every day. Our Youth Support Workers are very close to capacity for their one-on-one case load and are getting new referrals from the schools every week. The YMCA is excited to see the impact the program has for youth!

O'Neil Barton

Youth Support Worker for the YMCA’s Youth Transitions Program

“Our first lunch time workshop we had 25+ students attend at both schools. Now when we come in, we see youth run up to us and ask if they can work with us today, or if they can stay and hang with them at lunch time. I have seen youth who at the beginning had very little confidence in themselves start to thrive. School faculty are telling us they are seeing improvement with the youth we are working with and want us in the schools more. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a great group of people from youth, teachers, principals, and more, and I’m grateful to see the impact we are making on the youth firsthand everyday.”

Julie Laginnasse

Youth Support Worker for the YMCA’s Youth Transitions Program

“Youth Transitions Program is working to help youth learn life skills, get past barriers, and see a positive future. With all the after effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the challenges which youth were already facing have been compounded. The impact I see each day in YTP is that youth can break out of harmful habits and connect with their goals and find hope. They keep coming back and reaching out because they can see the positive effect of adults who listen and care.”

Charities helping each other

Second Harvest & Operation Warm

As a charity and community partner, we at the YMCA know that we cannot do it alone. Working together, with community organizations, and other local, national, and international charities, allows us to make a BIG impact on people who access the Y. In April 2022, the YMCA was incredibly fortunate to distribute 300 children’s winter coats from Operation Warm and grocery gift cards from Second Harvest, to help our community members at the YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs. 

“Seeing the children’s eyes light up when they realized they could pick out their own coat… it was incredibly heartwarming. Behind them, their parents were being given grocery gift cards to help with rising food costs, with tears in their eyes. I loved finding each kid the perfect jacket, with colours that they loved and the perfect fit! I felt relieved that they would have warm clothes for the rest of our harsh Nova Scotia winter.”

– YMCA Staff 

Thank you, to all community partners, non-profits, and charities that help the YMCA make a difference in our communities.

Click Here to see our 2022 Donors

Thank you for helping us build a brighter future across Nova Scotia

902 Man Up

Aidan Kometz

Alasdair Syme

Alden Gibbon

Alexandria Samson

Alice Samson

Allie MacEachern

AllSteel Coatings Ltd.

Alma Tower

Amy Mui

Andrea Banks

Andrew Boswell

Andrew MacNeil

Anna Hutchinson

Anna Migas

Anne-Marie Curtis

Anthony Finch

Arlynne McGrath

Arthritis and Injury Care Centre Atlantic Inc

Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Ltd.

Barry Furlotte

Benjamin Tucker

Bert Hartnell

Betty Crombie

Betty Muggah

Bimla Rana

Black Educator’s Association

BMO Bank of Montreal

Robert Mussett

Brenda Duplisea

Brenda Reid

Brett Macdonald

Brian Jessop

Brian Posavad

Brian Titus

Brianna Cromwell

Brooke Robinson

Campbell Comeau Engineering Limited

Carole McDougall

Catherine B Lazier

Catherine d’Anjou

Catriona Eleftheros

Charles Bowers

Charlotte Baker


Chris Enns

Christine Eisenhauer

Christine James

Christine Nault

Christine Tompkins

Christopher Cox

Christopher Wilson

Claire Rillie

Claudia Dembeck

Cliff & Jill Langin

Clockwork Communications Inc.

Cobequid Educational Centre

Common Good Solutions Inc.

Community Foundations of Canada

Coral van Vessem

Craig Peacock

Creignish Seafarers Limited

Dale Roode

Dan MacCormack

Dana Rideout

Daniel Campbell

Daniel Milner

Daniel Woo

David & Cheryl Murray

David Dobbelsteyn

Deborah & Vernon Murray Vandewater

Delmore Buddy Daye Learning Institute Inc.

Denis Ryan

Dennis Whelan

Destiny Green

Don Mills

Donny Fairfax

Dormie Golf Workshop Inc

Douglas Hill

Dr. Krista Jangaard

DSM Nutritional Products Canada Inc

Dwayne Coyle

Margaret Brookbank

Edith Lafleur

Elizabeth Townsend

Emmanuel Devred

Eric Siegel

Erin Devane

Ernst & Young LLP

Essence Mitchell

Eugenia Renderos

Faizullah Asadullah

Finn Wilson-Devane

Fiona Macintosh Robar

Fiona Polson

Forest Brain

Fred Fountain

Fred Honsberger

Gail Chaddock-Costello

Garity Chapman


Genevieve Beed

George Rodger

George Waye

Gerald Felix

Gillian Scott

Gina Patterson

Gordon Morrison

Gordon Stanfield

Grace Elizabeth MacDonald

Halifax International Airport Authority

Halifax Regional Municipality

Halifax Youth Foundation

Hayley Jean Wallace

Heather Cumming

Heather Meldrum

Henry Schein Inc.

Hye Kim

Ian Hamilton

Ian Macarthur

Ian Manson

Michael Macdonald

Jacob Woods

James Blake

James MacGowan

Jason Blanch

Jason Wilson

Jay Collins

Jayne Roma

Jeff Woodhouse

Jennifer Berry

Jennifer Lohnes

Jennifer McKeane

Jennifer Organ

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Jeremy Lai

Joanna Holland

John Gillis

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Jon Dyer

Jude Lamorre

Kailee Hominick

Karen Gardiner

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Katherine Rossiter

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Kirk MacCulloch

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Municipal Enterprises Limited

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NGM Investments Inc.

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North End Business Association

Northbridge Financial Corporation

Nova Scotia NDP Caucus

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Pamela C. Anderson

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Scotiabank – Halifax Corporate Office

Scott Biggar

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Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada

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Sonya Fraser

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Stewart McKelvey


Susan Stylianides

Suzy Hansen, MLA

TD the Toronto Dominion Bank

Terene Murphy

The Bank of Nova Scotia

The Bin Doctor Ltd

The Robert Steele Foundation

The Shaw Group Limited

The Windsor Foundation

Tim Reid

Tina Drapeau

Tori Grant

Tracey Gray

Tracey Thomas

Travis McDonough

Trina Samson

Truly Nolen Pest Control

United Way Halifax

United Way of Pictou County

Velo Apartments

Vernell Johnson

Village on the Canal Association

Viola Jackson

Virginia Salsman

Vivian Dixon

Wesley G. Campbell

Wilfred A. Jackson

William Adshade

Yasmin Mukhtar

Thank you for everything you do as YMCA Donors. We have been a pillar in the community for 170 years. Our charity needs your support, to continue to evolve our programs and services, and to help people find safe places to belong! 


The YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth

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