Nusaiba Nur has been involved with her community in many different ways. She started out volunteering with the Centre for Immigrant programs, including the YMCA Canada Connects program. She was a YMCA Summer Youth Exchange Trip Facilitator last summer and has just recently finished her role as a local coordinator for the YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange.

Besides her involvement with the YMCA, Nusaiba is a Level 1A Arabic Teacher volunteer. She gives her time to the TD Jazz Festival, the Bluenose Marathon, and the IWK Health Centre. She is also a participant in the Duke of Edinburgh Award at a Bronze Level.

Nusaiba is currently a student of Human and Health Performance, with plans to pursue a masters degree in occupational therapy. This, she says, “will allow me to attain an honest and caring community role that promotes health and inclusion.”

“Community building is more than just about improving skills and doing projects. It’s about a sense of greater purpose which we all innately have in us, and which we so desperately desire to fulfill.”



Jad Sinno worked with the YMCA Centre for Immigrant Services as a Program Delivery Support and Receptionist.

Besides his assigned duties, Jad helped out with translating documents and promotional materials from English to Arabic. He also worked on several initiatives with the Centre, including spearheading a workshop on LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Among the many impressive and incredible accomplishments, Jad is the Member Executive of Queer Arabs of Halifax. With the Rotaract Club, he has filled the role of Treasurer, Vice-President, and President, while also serving as a Board Member for the Nova Scotia Public Research Interest Group and a member of the Dalhousie University Budget Advisory Committee. In addition, he is the founder of “What I Didn’t Know,” an initiative that aims to raise awareness about privilege and associated negative implications.


In 2016, Jad began his work as a research assistant at Dalhousie studying the mental health treatment preferences and experiences of different ethno-racial groups within HRM. He is now completing his master’s thesis with a focus on Trans-cultural psychiatry and will be attending the University of Toronto to pursue his law degree next fall.

“Despite having been involved in community service from a young age, I find myself consistently needing to do more. My passion to create a world that is safer for everyone is unwavering.”