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Marjorie Manning Fountain Aquatic Centre

Swim Lessons and Programs

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced swimmer, you can gain the skills and confidence you need to stay safe and enjoy our pool. The YMCA has been offering aquatics programming & swimming lessons to Canadians since the 1900s. Thousands of Canadians have learned to swim at the Y.

Become a Lifeguard or Swim Instructor!

The YMCA is looking for youth 13+ who are interested in becoming a lifeguard and/or swim instructor. 
Register for multiple certifications: Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, National Lifeguard, and YMCA Swim Instructor
Interviews for YMCA employment will be granted upon successful course completion.

Canada Day Weekend Schedule

June 29th - July 1st, 2024

Check our Aquatic Centre Schedule

Rec Swim

What to have fun in the pool? Jump into a Rec Swim and have a good time! All swimming abilities are welcome.

Lane Swim

All swimmers must be able to swim the full length of the pool (25 m) without stopping to participate in this program.


This program is designed to allow pool users the space required to complete their aquatic workouts, physical therapy, or swimming skills practice

Kinder Swim

(0 to 6 yrs) Kinder Swim time is when our Teaching Pool is 60cm deep! Toys are available for your use. Parent accompaniment required.

Hydrotherapy Pool

(Seats 16ppl) The purpose of a Hydrotherapy Whirlpool is to provide a warm water environment that will help to restore health and heal injuries. Hydrotherapy Whirlpool water temperature is typically about 38-40°C.

Kinder Splashpad

(0 to 6 yrs) Teaching Pool is 5cm deep! Toys are available for your use. Come join in the fun! Parent accompaniment required.

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John W. Lindsay YMCA

Swim Lessons

The YMCA believes that learning to swim is a critical life skill. The YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth offers one FREE swimming lesson at a time for members of all ages! We are committed to reducing water-related injuries and encouraging more people to learn to swim and stay safe around water.

Determine What Swim Level is Right for Your Child

1. If your child has taken a YMCA swim lesson within the last 6 months, visit this page to see your child’s last swim report card. You will need your child’s membership number or access number.

2. If your child hasn’t taken a swim lesson contact the John W. Lindsay YMCA front desk Staff or consult the conversion chart below.

YMCA Swimming Lessons Conversion Chart

YMCA Preschool Program: 6 months – 5 years old
YMCA Canada Lifesaving Society Red Cross
Intro (6mos-1yr) Splashers Parent & Tot Starfish
Intro (1yrs – 3yrs) Bubblers Parent & Tot Duck & Sea Turtle
Beginner (3-5yr) Bobbers Preschool 1 Sea Otter
Beginner (3-5yr) Floaters Preschool 1 Salamander
Inter (3-5yrs) Gliders Preschool 2 Sunfish
Inter (3-5yrs) Divers Preschool 3 Sunfish
Advance (4-5yrs)
(Swim with no assistance)
Surfers Preschool 4 Crocodile
Advance (4-5yrs)
(Swim with no assistance)
Jumpers Preschool 5 Whale
YMCA Learn to Swim & Star Program: 6 – 12 years old
Beginner Otter Swimmer 1 Swim Kids 1
Seal Swimmer 1 Swim Kids 1
Dolphin Swimmer 2 Swim Kids 2-3
Swimmer Swimmer 3 Swim Kids 4-5
Intermediate Star 1 Swimmer 4 Swim Kids 6-7
Star 2 Swimmer 5 Swim Kids 8
Star 3 Swimmer 6 Swim Kids 9
Star 4 Rookie Patrol Swim Kids 9
Complete Swim 400 m continuously
Advance Star 5 Ranger Patrol Swim Kids 10
Star 6 Star Patrol Swim Kids 10
Complete Swim 400 m continuously
YMCA Teen Swim Program: 13-17 years old
Beginner Teen Beginner Adult 1 -
Intermediate Teen Intermediate Adult 2 -
Advanced Teen Advanced Adult 3 -
YMCA Adult Swim Program: 18+ years old
Beginner Silver Adult 1 -
Ruby Adult 1 -
Intermediate Golden Adult 2 -
Diamond Adult 2 -
Advanced Sapphire Adult 3 -
Complete/Incomplete YMCA Preschool Levels (6 years old) YMCA Learn to Swim & Star Program
Bobbers Complete or Incomplete Otter
Gliders Complete or Incomplete
Divers Incomplete
Complete Seal
Surfers Complete or Incomplete
Jumpers Incomplete
Complete Dolphin
  • Bronze Star – Should be able to swim at a Star 2 Level. Ages 10-12yrs
  • Bronze Medallion – Age 13+ or have Bronze Star.
  • Bronze Cross – Age 13+, Must have Bronze Medallion & Basic Workplace First Aid
  • Lifesaving Sport– Should be able to swim at a Star 1 level.
  • National Lifeguard Pool – Age 15+, Must have Bronze Cross & Intermediate Workplace First Aid

Leadership Programs

Admission Policy

  • 13 years old + can access the Aquatic Centre without adult/guardian supervision.
  • 9 – 12 years must be accompanied in the water by a parent/guardian (adult/guardian must be at least 16 years of age) if they require a PFD or they are unsuccessful in completing a swim test.
  • 9 – 12 years must be accompanied in the facility by a parent/guardian (adult/guardian must be at least 16 years of age) if they successfully complete the swim test.
  • 8 years and under must have a parent in the water with them.

Child Protection Sign-in/out Policies

  • At the beginning of the class, participants 12 years old and under must check in with the instructor with an adult (16 yrs+).
  • At the end of the class, participants 12 years old and under must check out by the same adult.
  • Parents who are not in the water can observe lessons from the pool-level windows or from the Great Hall.
  • Videography and photography are not permitted to ensure our member’s privacy.

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