Camp Life

At Big Cove, we know the importance of providing youth with a small group experience to ensure that every camper receives individual time and attention while at camp. To facilitate this, all campers are divided into four main groups: Little Big Cove, Juniors, Seniors, and Leadership. These four sections ensure that our programs are designed specifically for their appropriate age group.

Once campers are divided into their sections, they will be placed in a cabin with eight children, and are supervised by two counsellors who live and work with the group. All counsellors are supported by a number of program area specialists who will help lead and supervise camp activities.

We offer:

  • Rustic ‘open cabin’ living with other campers and counsellors
  • Campfires
  • Camp-wide games
  • Skit nights
  • Theme days
  • Authentic tipis (For Leadership I and II campers only)
  • And so much in between!

From campers’ first step off the bus, to their last campfire, each session is filled with special touches designed to give campers lasting memories.


Each morning, a variety of activities are offered to allow campers the opportunity to develop skills in areas of their own choosing. Whether it’s canoeing, earth education, or archery there are always activities of interest offered for everyone.

From the moment the wake-up bell rings at 7:30 a.m., to the time lights go out, each day is filled with exciting experiences and memories sure to last a lifetime.

Program activities offered each summer include:

  • Canoeing
  • Archery, low ropes, high ropes & zip-lining
  • Swimming and snorkeling
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Drama and Skits
  • Wilderness Outtrips
  • Gardening and earth education
  • Sports and games

Our beautiful camp is located on a 120-acre peninsula on the quiet Merigomish Harbour, surrounded by ocean shoreline, forest, fields, and beautiful salt marshes.

Amongst the pristine wilderness Big Cove YMCA Camp has to offer, you will find a large waterfront area, equipped with a swimming are and dock to swim to and jump from.

Many of our traditions and rich camp history are reflected in our buildings at camp. Our most special, and popular spot is known as The Pavilion. The Pavilion is Big Cove’s historic dining hall, where the entire camp enjoys meals together three times every day.

In addition to a stunning natural setting, Big Cove offers many exciting resources that are fully integrated into our camp programs

  • A fleet of ocean canoes
  • Outtripping
  • Archery Ranges
  • High Challenge Course (with a zipline and climbing tree)
  • Low Challenge Course
  • Arts and Crafts Hall
  • Heated Washhouse Facility and non-gendered washroom
  • Health Centre
  • Gaga Ball Pit
  • 13 Cabins (each houses eight campers and two counsellors)
  • Authentic tipis for Leadership 1 and Leadership 2 Participants
  • Multiple outdoor campfire sites
  • 3.5 kms of hiking trails