YMCA LiveWell

Providing accessible, personalized, evidence-based community wellness programming across Nova Scotia

YMCA LiveWell is a group exercise program that focuses on improving the physical and health of Nova Scotians with chronic conditions.*

Check out this video of what to expect in the Active for Life class. 

YMCA LiveWell programs:

  • Create smooth transitions for patients between hospital care and community health.
  • Deliver care in the most appropriate setting for promoting and sustaining health and wellness.
  • Improve health outcomes of individuals with a focus on secondary prevention and chronic disease self-management.
  • Reduce health disparities through the elimination of both real and perceived barriers to participation.


YMCA LiveWell supports both physician and self-referrals and offers a comprehensive intake process, supervision, and progression within a socially supportive environment. It embraces a person-centric approach that focuses on secondary prevention and chronic disease self-management. LiveWell encourages participants to take control of their own health.

*Chronic conditions are defined broadly as conditions that last 1 year or more and require ongoing medical attention, or limit activities of daily living or both. 

YMCA LiveWell Programs

Assessment by exercise expert

Meet with our Clinical Exercise Physiologist for a detailed assessment where we get to know you, your abilities and limitations to make sure you are exercising safely while progressing over time.

Individualized group exercise instruction

Begin your YMCA journey with our group exercise classes instructed by a quailed exercise professional who will give you individualized modifications.

Transition to YMCA Fitness Classes

Let us guide you in a transition to other group fitness classes the YMCA has to offer to keep you committed on your physical activity and exercise journey!


This 12-week supervised exercise and education program is for people with any type of cancer at any stage. Whether you've been recently diagnosed, are in the middle of treatment or in remission, this 12-week exercise and education program can help. CanWell is offered through a partnership between the YMCA, Nova Scotia Health and Dalhousie University. You will be supported by specially-trained YMCA staff including a clinical exercise physiologist.

Active for Life

Active for Life is designed to improve strength, balance, and general fitness for anyone managing a chronic disease. This program is intended for those with risk factors or who have stable medical conditions following medical treatment from a chronic disease diagnosis.

Meet Joy

Joy Chiekwe, MSc (she/her)
CSEP-Clinical Exercise Physiologist
LiveWell Provincial Lead
Phone: 902-222-5889
Email: [email protected]

Exercise Professional Referral Form

This form serves as a referral for healthcare providers to enroll their patients in the program.