Providing accessible, personalized, evidence-based community wellness programming across Nova Scotia

LiveWell assists individuals with stable medical conditions to progressively improve their physical and mental health, through closely monitored exercise.

LiveWell has been developed by researchers at Acadia and Dalhousie Universities, and is delivered by Qualified Exercise Professionals who personalize programming to a range of participants across the age and ability spectrum – from generally healthy, to those with chronic conditions.

Participants are assessed for safe, personalized programming that will help build strength, balance, and fitness. There are regular check-ins to track progress and health improvements that are communicated back to referring healthcare providers. Other benefits include addressing barriers to improving your general lifestyle, building relationships and having fun!

LiveWell aims to achieve three goals:

1. Improve prevention, decrease reoccurrence and manage chronic disease through community accessible physical activity programs.

2. Reduce or eliminate socio-economic and cultural barriers to participation.

3. Positively impact healthy behaviours.

Current LiveWell Programs:

Active for Life: Active for Life is designed to improve strength, balance, and general fitness for anyone managing a chronic disease. This program is intended for those with risk factors or who have stable medical conditions following medical treatment from a chronic disease diagnosis.

ACCESS: Activating Cancer Communities through an Exercise Strategy for Survivors or “ACCESS” is a research-based program designed to lessen the impact of a cancer diagnosis and its treatment on the health and well-being of individuals confronted with the disease. This program is a 12-week on-ramp for progressive exercise opportunities associated with the YMCAs LiveWell East Program.

For more information about LiveWell Programs and to register please contact:

Tom Christensen, Clinical Exercise Physiologist
[email protected]
(782) 414-6186