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Youth Transitions Program

Youth Transitions Program

YMCA Youth Transitions Program (YTP) is a free service focused on providing support to youth aged 13–19 who are facing barriers in their lives. These barriers could be related to school, employment, peers, family, housing or addictions. 

YTP clients foster a sense of belonging through mentorship, one-to-one support, and workshops, developing life skills to be healthy, thriving adults.

Program goals are to:  

  • Empower students to reach their fullest potential 
  • Strengthen and enhance student’s social networks and foster a sense of belonging 
  • Build student’s educational resiliency and aspirations 
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Youth Transitions Program (YTP) Offers:

One-to-One Support

Foster a sense of belonging through direct mental well-being supports and activities

Life Skills Workshops

How to Adult, Learning to Breathe, Personal Development, and more.

Peer Mentorship

For any questions, please contact one of our staff!

O’Neil Barton: [email protected] (902) 220-6001
  Enter and leave the program when you are ready
  You can sign up for all activities or only be involved in one stream of the program

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