The world is not an equal place for everyone. 

Sometimes  life makes it hard to pursue a healthy lifestyle and when budgets are tight, tough choices need to be made.

We have seen firsthand that people are having a more challenging time finding the resources to send their kids to camp, or register them for basketball.

Without opportunities to participate in social programs, seniors and those facing mobility challenges, can find themselves isolated and inactive. And youth can turn to activities that harm, rather than help.

This is where the YMCA can help. 

At the YMCA, people come as they are, with what they have, and we believe that everyone deserves a place to belong and thrive!

Our goal is to eliminate barriers and provide as many people as possible with access to YMCA programs and services that help make like happier and healthier.

The YMCA is about equal access for ALL. We need your help to eliminate barrier to participation so everyone can belong.

You can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most, close to home.