Sticking to a new fitness regimen can be hard when we do it alone – but as households increasingly feel the pressure to engage in healthy activities, family becomes our best place to find accountability. Small changes in leisure habits can create positive routines and model active lifestyles for children and adults. Everyone benefits from extra support when they push themselves into new habits, and your partner, sibling, parents, or child could just be the gym buddy you always wanted!

Accountability and fitness have long gone hand in hand for those new to the gym, and the benefits of gym-going with your own family members are clear: “Families who keep fit with each other see their attachment, social development and emotional management skills improve.”1. With the added benefit of a family membership at the YMCA, it has never been easier to bring your household along for the workout. From child-minding to swimming lessons, and fitness classes to weightlifting, there’s something for everyone at the Y.

For one YMCA member, attending the gym with his parents has had an impact on his life far beyond his initial intentions:

“My experience of the YMCA is very much that it’s a community. This one specifically seems to be a great fit for my parents, and I said, ‘maybe I should get involved too!’ and I started getting active. [My Parents] say I helped them, but I say they helped me. We come [to the John W. Lindsay YMCA] every day.” – Member of the John W Lindsay YMCA, Halifax

The YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth is proud to be offering a large, clean, modern fitness facility at a time when staying healthy is at the top of everyone’s minds. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, mental and physical health are at risk for most households in North America. The Association for Applied Sport Psychology suggest families “Use community resources such as schools, YMCAs, churches, and parks and recreation services to find local events for engaging in physical activity”2, and we’re providing the space for exactly that.

To sign up for your family membership, visit and take advantage of our $0 Joiner Fee until February 28th.