Miriam Zitner is a proud member of the YMCA Board of Directors. Alongside Miriam’s busy schedule she never hesitates to volunteer her time, effort and resources to the YMCA. Miriam says she was, “fortunate to have been able to grow up with a supportive, broad minded and very giving family.” This is why volunteering comes naturally to her; it is in her being. As Miriam volunteers she expresses how volunteering is not just devoting time to a specific organization or group, it is how one treats people passing by on the streets, or how one interacts with fellow co-workers.

Miriam is the Director of Business Development and Client Services at Stewart McKelvey, with a background in strategic communications, Fortune 100 technology groups, biotech companies and academic institutions and alternative energy. She decided to join the YMCA Board because she is devoted to the vision and values we convey as a not-for-profit organization. Miriam, along with the YMCA, wants to place emphasis on diversity and inclusion. “It is always about growth and broadening your perspective,” she says, adding the importance it has on businesses and the impact diverse groups can bring to community development.

Miriam explains that her passion for the YMCA stems from the fact that the YMCA addresses everything that is spiritual, physical, and mental. We are dedicated to bettering the community and the people in the community. “Everything the YMCA does is in support of helping people and I love that,” says Miriam.