The YMCA Purdy’s Wharf Child Care Centre welcomes children of all abilities

Our YMCA full-time licensed child care welcomes children of all abilities. We are a family centered, bias-free environment, and believe in full participation for all families. To further support these goals, we employ a full-time Inclusion Coordinator. 

The YMCA supports a fully inclusive child care environment! 

Our program is family-centered. We recognize that you know your child best. Our Inclusion Coordinator schedules meetings with parents as needed in order to ensure that we are meeting the needs of your family and your child.

When required, routine-based plans will be developed and implemented for your child’s care team. We provide full participation and ensure all families and children are provided the same opportunities.

We’re bias-free. Your family makes up a unique part of our system. We recognize, respect, and strive to meet the different needs of all families. We work with families, outside agencies, and outside groups to meet your child’s needs.

We fully train and engage our staff on inclusion. Our Inclusion Coordinator attends all team meetings and maintains strong ties with our team members and our community.

During monthly staff meetings, staff share their expertise with their co-workers and decide as a team how to ensure that each individual child’s needs are being met. A rating scale is used to ensure that our playrooms fully reflect our Inclusion Policy.

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